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IoT Lab, School of Computer Engineering is a team of dedicated students working under a  team of competent and encouraging professors guiding us at every phase and step. It is technically a research forum exploring the potential of crowd-sourcing and the Internet of Things.

"A new idea emerges from great thinking and success comes from hard work. Hard work does not necessarily guarantee success, but no success is possible without hard work.” With a small yet strong idea in mind, an IoT Lab was principally set up in the KIIT School of Computer Engineering under the aegis of Prof. Ashutosh Behura & Team of Professors along with scholarly IoT Researchers in Desktop Laboratory (DL-5) on 5th December 2016. In time, as a result of their hard work the lab was provided recognition and identity after which it became a coveted venue for IoT activities and operations.

Their dedication and efforts attracted more and more students leading to the formation of a completely efficient and unparalleled group called “The IoT Team”. Soon the hard work decided to show off and hence KIIT recognised this lab as its one of the 19 Centre of Excellences throughout the University. To know more about IoT Lab, refer this link:

About IOT Lab